Treatment And Remedies For Rib Pain During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a fact of life and they say that you cannot feel the essence of being a real woman unless you get pregnant and deliver your baby which is why you need to be able to be prepared so you would easily handle pregnancy. Pregnancy can be something that is quite hard to do knowing that your body will be subjected to different phases and you will definitely be experiencing a lot of pains. One of the common pregnancy pains that you might encounter is having rib pain during pregnancy. If you experience this pain, you need to be able to immediately contact you doctor so they would be able to prescribe pain killers such as tylenol or acetaminophen, which are considered among the safest pain killers during pregnancy, for pain relief. You might also want to check out some of the remedies mentioned below to help you deal with the rib pain.

  • Motherhood Maternity: Full Coverage Lightly Lined Maternity BraYou might consider wearing a correct size supportive bra since this will help reduce the pressure caused from heavy breasts and at the same time minimizing rib pain in the process.
  • You also need to be able to sit and sleep in the right position since this is very important during pregnancy. Use a small pillow to create the perfect arch behind the back so it will minimize pain. You also need to get used to sleeping on your side, where pain is experienced because it really helps a lot.
  • Try doing some pregnancy exercises such as practicing yoga as well as breathing exercises since it reduces both stress and rib pain.
  • You might also try to put ice packs on painful ribs while raising the arms over the head because it helps in relieving the pain especially if done several times on a daily basis.

Rib pain during pregnancy is nothing to be worried about if you know what to do and if you don’t just consult your doctor for more information on how to deal with it.